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Teaching Policy Fellowship

The Teaching Policy Fellowship is a highly selective, rigorous program for teachers who want to deepen their knowledge in education policy and have a voice in the decisions that affect their students and the profession. The program offers excellent teachers the opportunity to expand their influence without leaving the classroom.  During the program, the Fellows receive extensive training on topics such as policy, advocacy, and storytelling. The Fellows engage directly with key education stakeholders and policy makers, shaping and advocating for policies that meet the needs of their students.

We offer Fellowships in California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. In our local-level Fellowships in Chicago, Greater Boston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Memphis, we work with exceptional teachers to train and empower them to lead on policy and advocacy around key local and district-level issues. In our Fellowships in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Mexico, Fellows focus on state-wide issues such the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).



  • We recruit highly-effective teachers for local and state-level fellowships



  • We select Fellows through a rigorous process that includes a written application, interview, and group activity


  • ​We train fellows through expert-led modules and through direct engagement with key stakeholders, on topics such as:
    • Understanding education policy as a lever for student success
    • Advocating for change with policy makers
    • Storytelling for impact
    • Writing op-eds and speaking to the media




  • ​Fellows influence local, state, and national policy through their policy briefs, legislative testimony, op-eds, and petition initiatives
  • Fellows advance ideas with decision-makers and mobilize large groups of teachers to bring about change