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Memphis T3

The T3 Initiative is an innovative program to recruit, develop, and support effective, experienced teachers to serve in high-need schools. This program was designed by teachers to address the problem of inequitable access to effective teachers. T3 teacher leaders have the opportunity to work with a team of effective teachers who are high performing and dedicated to working collaboratively to lead school turnaround efforts. The T3 teams are trained in strategies that have been used by other highly effective teacher teams. They are part of a broader strategy that supports effective teaching and they can take on leadership roles without leaving the classroom.  Founded in Boston in 2010, T3 now has eight partner schools in Boston, two in Fall River, Massachusetts, and expanded to Memphis for the 2012-2013 school year.

The Achievement School District (ASD) was created as part of Tennessee’s response to the federal “Race to the Top” initiative.  It is a project designed to flip the paradigm and ensure that the lowest performing 5% of schools in Tennessee will perform in the top 25% of schools across the state within 5 years. The ASD, working with Memphis City Schools and community partners, directly operates Corning Elementary, Frayser Elementary, and Westside Middle School.

ASD is partnering with T3 to identify a team of outstanding teacher leaders for each of its Memphis Achievement schools. T3 teacher leaders comprise roughly 25% of the faculty at each of ASD’s Achievement Schools in Memphis (Frayser Elementary, Corning Elementary, and Westside Middle). T3 teacher leaders are full-time classroom teachers, but also have formal leadership roles.

The T3 Initiative Offers:

A Cohort Model of Staffing. T3 teachers work together as teams of high-performing educators in low-performing schools. They are hired as a cohort that comprises at least 25% of the school faculty. The cohort receives training together and time for collaboration throughout the year. T3 teachers serve in a variety of leadership roles that help facilitate and support the work of all teachers in the school to significantly increase student achievement.

A Broader Turnaround Strategy that Supports Effective Teaching. To be successful, teachers need to be a part of a comprehensive plan to dramatically improve the culture and outcomes of the school which also includes:

  • A strong, experienced principal who supports and empowers teachers and who values teacher leadership;

  • Wrap-around services for students to help teachers address their students’ social, emotional, and health needs and provide support for parent and community outreach;

  • Ongoing training and professional development that begins with an intensive, team-based summer institute;

  • Resources for improving instruction such as regular data on student progress and expert coaching.

Differentiated Pay. Selected T3 teacher leaders are compensated to work an extended school year through a salary differential that acknowledges their status. 


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