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The NEA encourages its members to use Assessment Advisor to rate the assessments they’ve used in their classrooms! 4,000 teachers in 40 states have checked out the site so far. Have you?

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Washington, D.C. Network

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Become a C2 teacher facilitator

Are you an experienced, effective teacher who has successfully implemented Common Core in your classroom?

Do you enjoy facilitating adult learning?

Apply to be a C2 facilitator for the Fall 2014! - Start your APPLICATION!

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The C2 Initiative is a teacher-led professional learning series that brings teachers together to collaboratively learn from each other about the Common Core. Implementing the Common Core State Standards represents a significant instructional shift for teachers and students alike, and requires opportunities for meaningful, continuous professional learning that reaches across schools and districts. The Initiative was founded on the premise that empowering exceptional teachers, and leveraging their expertise in Common Core implementation, is integral to ensuring a smooth transition for our nation. In the 2013-14 pilot, 93% of teachers reported that their understanding of the Common Core improved and 97% of teachers said that they would recommend C2 to their colleagues! 

The C2 Initiative allows teachers to:

  • Connect with highly motivated peers;
  • Learn about Common Core instructional shifts and best practices to promote student learning and achievement;
  • Network and collaborate weekly during five-week courses

C2 teacher facilitators:

  • Improve leadership skills in facilitating adult learning
  • Increase impact on urban students while remaining in the classroom
  • Lead collaboration among a group of their peers
  • Earn a stipend in addition to teaching salary


All applicants must be current classroom teachers in the Washington, D.C. area who have a minimum of two years of teaching experience with Common Core aligned instruction, as well as a track record of effectiveness in the classroom and experience facilitating adult learning. Throughout the application process, applicants must demonstrate they possess the critical skills and competencies required for effectively leading professional development for teachers.

Application Process

The process is designed to be a fair and comprehensive assessment of a teacher’s readiness to be a successful C2 teacher facilitator.

Step 1 - Written Application

The written application asks about your experience implementing Common Core in your classroom as well as your leadership and facilitation skills.

Step 2 - Performance Task

The second step of the application process requires a mock C2 Initiative session plan. Applicants who advance to this stage will create and submit a session plan prior to the interview day.

Step 3 - Interview Day

The third step of the application process is the interview day. Applicants invited to the interview day will participate in a group interview where they will present a portion of their mock session plan and an individual interview. 

Step 4 - Notification of Selection and Assignment 

Upon successful completion of the first three steps of the selection process, applicants will be notified whether they have been selected to become a C2 Initiative teacher facilitator.


Fall 2014 Application and Series Timeline

Deadline: Sunday, August 10th

Interviews: Evenings of Wednesday, August 20th – Thursday, August 21st

Facilitator Training: Evenings of Wednesday, August 27th and Wednesday, September 3rd

Course 1: Evening of Wednesday, September 17th – Wednesday, October 15th

Mid-semester facilitator meeting: Evening of Wednesday, October 22nd

Course 2: Evening of Wednesday, November 5th – Wednesday, December 10th

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Questions? Email Michael Savoy at 

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