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The NEA encourages its members to use Assessment Advisor to rate the assessments they’ve used in their classrooms! 4,000 teachers in 40 states have checked out the site so far. Have you?

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Teach Plus began in January 2009 when CEO and Founder Dr. Celine Coggins was awarded a prestigious Mind Trust Fellowship to bring the organization to Indianapolis. 

The first cohort of Indianapolis Teaching Policy Fellows acted as a catalyst to initiate a joint union-district committee that enacted changes to the Indianapolis Public Schools layoff policy. They incorporated effectiveness measures, discipline measures, and attendance into the decisions around which teachers go and which stay.   These modifications shift the weight of the decisions from seniority to performance.  On April 5, 2010, the Indianapolis Education Association ratified a contract amendment that reduces the role of seniority when reductions in force occur, adding performance measures into the equation for the first time.

The 2009 Indianapolis Teaching Policy Fellows also released a report on the inequitable distribution of teachers in Marion County. The Cost of Loyalty found that salaries in Indianapolis Public Schools have remained relatively flat as salary and benefit packages have grown in surrounding Marion County districts.  The Fellows discovered this pay gap contributed to an alarming turnover rate—as high as 65% in some of the poorest performing schools—robbing the district of many talented teachers, and causing an inequitable distribution of effective teachers in Marion County.  The report received local and national recognition. Read more about their accomplishments here.

In Indianapolis, teachers can take advantage of:

File: FellowsLogo.png This highly selective program is for teachers who are interested in learning how to advocate for policies that will better serve students and retain excellent teachers. Our current cohort of Teach Plus Policy Fellows is engaged in national forums such as NBC’s ‘Education Nation,’ and in advocating for teacher quality policy reforms they think would modernize the teaching profession. The 2011 Indianapolis Teaching Policy Fellows cohort is made up of eighteen top teacher leaders from urban schools in the Indianapolis area, including larger districts such as Indianapolis Public Schools, the Metropolitan School Districts of Decatur and Washington Townships, as well as area charter schools.  Read their bios here.
File: TNetworkLogo.png The T+ Network is a rapidly growing national movement of teachers who want to: connect with highly motivated peers and national and local policy leaders, learn about innovative policies to empower effective teachers, and be a voice for change within the teaching profession. Through the online T+ Network Forum, Indianapolis teachers shared opinions and poignant personal experiences with Indianapolis Star columnist Matt Tully as they argued for elimination of “last in, first out” layoff policies.  Please see a summary of teachers’ views on seniority-based layoffs, and Indianapolis Teaching Policy Fellows’testimony before the Indiana Legislature on the same topic.