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The NEA encourages its members to use Assessment Advisor to rate the assessments they’ve used in their classrooms! 4,000 teachers in 40 states have checked out the site so far. Have you?

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Survey: Today’s teaching force is less experienced, more open to change
By Jackie Mader
Hechinger Report, October 23, 2012

Teacher-Leader Corps Helps Turn Around Schools
By Stephen Sawchuck
Education Week, April 20, 2011

New Teachers are the New Majority 
By Celine Coggins & Heather Peske
Education Week, January 19, 2011

Lesson Plan in Boston Schools: Don’t Go It Alone
By Mike Winerip
New York Times, August 8, 2010



Teach Plus runs three programs designed to place teacher leaders at the center of reform.  They are the Teaching Policy Fellows Program, the T+ Network, and T3: Turnaround Teacher Teams.  Our programs focus on demonstrably effective teachers in the second stage of their careers (in most cases, years 3 through 10) who want to continue classroom teaching while also expanding their impact as leaders in their schools and in state and district policy.

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The Teaching Policy Fellows is a highly selective program for teachers interested in having a voice in the decisions that affect their classrooms. During a cohort experience that spans one and a half academic years, teachers meet in monthly sessions that offer:

  • Personal interaction with key education leaders

  • A challenging course of study in education policy, research, and best practices from around the nation

  • The opportunity to advocate for policies that will better serve students and retain excellent teachers

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The Teach Plus Network is a rapidly growing national movement of teachers who believe a critical voice has been missing from education policy decision-making: the voice of teachers for kids.  With an expanding series of interactive in-person and virtual forums, we provide opportunities for teachers to:

  • CONNECT with highly motivated peers and national and local policy leaders

  • LEARN about innovative policies to empower and retain effective teachers

  • BE A VOICE for change within the teaching profession

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The T3 Initiative is a first-of-its-kind program designed to ensure that students have increased access to effective, experienced teachers.  The concept was developed by Boston area teachers.  The program is based around five principles.  Teacher leaders:

  • Apply through a rigorous process that requires evidence of at least 3 years of effective teaching in an urban classroom

  • Work as a team that comprises at least 25% of the school staff

  • Receive specialized training

  • Take on teacher leadership roles within the school

  • Earn additional compensation

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