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Uploaded Image: /uploads/Images/Book cover.jpgLearning from the Experts: Teacher Leaders on Solving America's Education Challenges

The first book written by Teach Plus-affiliated teachers and edited by the Teach Plus team is now available from Harvard Education Press.

In Learning from the Experts, hear from 17 teacher leaders whose ideas are transforming urban classrooms and schools across America.

About the Book

A hallmark of professional work is ownership over the challenges facing the field. To elevate the status of the teaching profession and create positive, sustainable change in our schools, teachers must be empowered as the problem-solvers of their profession.

In Learning from the Experts: Teacher Leaders on Solving America’s Education Challenges, teacher leaders take on seven critical challenges facing education today:
  • Using data meaningfully in schools;
  • Measuring effective teaching;
  • Improving access to high-performing teachers;
  • Building a performance-driven teaching profession;
  • Engaging earlier-career teachers in the unions;
  • Nurturing effective teaching through great school leadership; and
  • Raising the status of the profession.

In dialogue with district, union and non-profit leaders, the teacher authors bring their experiences to bear on critical issues facing their profession and advocate for innovative changes that policy makers should implement tomorrow.

"Providing my colleagues and me with decision-making opportunities common to other professions is not just a move to benefit the adults who seek broader impact; it’s a key lever in improving results for kids. When effective teachers are respected as leaders, we contribute to solutions throughout our schools, districts and beyond while continuing to work directly with our own students.” - Erin Dukeshire, Boston Public Schools

Learn about the book at Harvard Education Press.

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