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T3 Initiative plays a key role in the urgent movement to turn around low-performing schools. T3 launched its first cohort in three Boston public schools in 2010 and since then, has continued its partnership in Boston and expanded to public schools in Fall River and Holyoke, MA and Washington, DC.

T3 partner schools have achieved the following results:

  • Attracted large numbers of excellent teachers to work in low-performing schools. More than 1,000 excellent teachers have applied and are eager to collaborate with their peers and take the lead in transforming struggling schools. Teach Plus has had 7 qualified applicants from within partner districts and around the nation for each of the Teacher Leadership positions we have filled.
  • Gave a clear teacher leadership opportunity for highly skilled and experienced teachers. T3 teacher leaders have, on average, 9 years of experience.

The Data:
  • During the first three years of implementation, the first six schools showed accelerated student growth in ELA and math.
  • In most cases, T3 schools started with lower levels of achievement than other turnaround schools and have been able to surpass their turnaround peers:
  • In math, Cohort 1 is two points away from closing the achievement gap with the district average and Cohort 2 has surpassed the district average. In both cohorts, these schools have far outpaced their peer turnaround schools in Massachusetts.
  • In ELA, Cohort 1 has closed its 12 point deficit with the state and Cohort 2 has surpassed both state (by 16 points) and district student proficiency rates.
  • In Cohort 1, all three schools have exited state-determined turnaround status. Two schools went from Level 4 status (the bottom five percent of schools in Massachusetts) to Level 1 status (top performing schools in Massachusetts).


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As the T3 Initiative expands around the country, we will continue to provide powerful teacher leadership opportunities for experienced teachers with a track record of excellence with urban children. We know that great teachers working together to build the capacity of a whole school team can radically change the trajectory of students' lives. T3 is our proof of the power of teacher leadership. Please join us in supporting the power of this work.

To learn more, read Closing the Gap: Progress Over Two Years in T3 Schools