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In the two years since the Achievement Gap Act was signed into law in Massachusetts, the T3 Initiative has played a key role in the urgent movement to turn around low performing schools. In the first cohort of T3 partner schools in Boston we have see the following results:

  • Attracted large numbers of excellent teachers to work in low-performing schools, challenging the notion that great teachers do not want to teach in struggling schools. Teach Plus has had 5 qualified applicants from around the nation for each of the 61 teacher leadership positions we have filled in Boston.
  • Given a clear teacher leadership opportunity for highly skilled and experienced teachers. T3 teacher leaders have on average 9 years of experience.
  • Identified teacher leaders for high need schools from inside and outside of the district. One third of T3 teacher leaders have come from outside the sponsoring district and two thirds from inside. Over 50% of the cohort fills high-need areas, with 30% experienced in working with English Language Learners and 22% experienced with working with Special Education students.
  • In 2010-11, schools that used the T3 staffing model as part of their comprehensive turnaround strategy produced substantially greater student achievement growth[i]  than other Massachusetts schools, including other turnaround schools in Boston, across most grades and subjects tested. Student achievement growth was concentrated in middle school and elementary school mathematics.
    File: T3Elementary2011SGP.pngFile: T3MiddleSchool2011SGP.png
    • Orchard Gardens was at the 96th percentile of all schools statewide in producing student growth in ELA and at the 98th percentile in mathematics in middle school grades. The median middle school student at Orchard Gardens demonstrated more growth in mathematics than 82% of other students statewide.
    • Compared to similar students in other BPS turnaround schools, the average student in a T3 school gained:
      • 1 percentile point more in elementary ELA,
      • 10 percentile points more in elementary mathematics,
      • 16 percentile points more in middle school ELA, and
      • 29 percentile points more in middle school mathematics.

[i] All student achievement data comes from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Student growth information comes from the state’s Student Growth Percentile data, which compares each student’s performance to that of students who had similar scores in the previous year.