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The NEA encourages its members to use Assessment Advisor to rate the assessments they’ve used in their classrooms! 4,000 teachers in 40 states have checked out the site so far. Have you?

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The goal of our programs is policy change that incorporates teacher voice and ensures better retention of outstanding teachers and improved student outcomes.  In Boston, impact has involved the development of a new program, teacher advocacy, and voice in policy. 

The Boston Fellows’ model “Ready for the Next Challenge,” implemented as the T3: Turnaround Teacher Teams initiative, attracted thirty-seven experienced, effective teachers to teach and take leadership roles in three chronically underperforming schools in the fall of 2010.  Read more about T3 Boston here.

Boston Teaching Policy Fellows have contributed as guest bloggers to the very widely read education policy blog EduWonk.  Currently, Boston Teaching Policy Fellows are serving on important national and state-level committees such as the Gates’ Measures of Effective Teaching teacher advisory panel, the MA State Administrator and Educator Evaluation Task Force, Secretary of Education Paul Reville’s Teacher Cabinet, the MA Race to the Top Curriculum and Assessment Committee, and the MA DESE Education Personnel Advisory Council.  Fellows have also been invited panelists for local and national education policy-focused events, hosted by the Center for American Progress (DC), the National Staff Development Council, the Civil Rights Research Roundtable for the Warren Institute at UC Berkeley Law School, and the National Charter Public School Association.  Two Boston Fellows were selected from a nationwide pool of more than 400 teachers to participate in NBC’s ‘Education Nation,’ an ongoing series of education-focused, nationally televised events taking place in Rockefeller Center. 

Additionally, Boston Fellows have been published in the Boston Globe and the New York Times. They have also been featured in the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, CommonWealth magazine, and The Huffington Post. 

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