"Examining Teacher Preparation...A View from the Classroom". Recent Teaching Policy Fellow alum, Erin Lane, discusses her thoughts on teacher prep. 

"No Need to fear Common Core". Recent Teaching Policy Fellow alum, Colleen Considine, shares how teaching Common Core has changed her classroom. 

"Measuring School Quality: A Perspective from Boston Teachers"
. Teaching Policy Fellows share their recommendations for Boston Public Schools' measures of school quality.  

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Boston Fellows

Meet the Massachusetts Teaching Policy Fellows 2014-2015 Cohort:

Daniel Adler – UP Academy Leonard, Lawrence Public Schools

“As I tell my students nearly every day, science is not just facts! I would like to see STEM educators supported in teaching a broader curriculum, one that goes beyond what a middle schooler can find using Google to provide meaningful skills instruction, scientific literacy, and an impetus to change the world for the better.”

Dan Adler is a 6th grade science teacher at UP Academy Leonard in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He serves as one of the school's cohort leaders, leading a team of six teachers who work with the same group of 60 students. Prior to working at UP Academy Leonard, Dan taught 6th grade science for two years at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School in Somerville, Massachusetts, where he served as a Teach For America corps member. While at Prospect Hill Academy, Dan was named a regional finalist for the Sue Lehmann Excellence in Teaching Award, an annual teaching award for second-year TFA corps members. As he tells his students frequently, Dan's ambition is to be the next Bill Nye - a science teacher so dynamic that students and teachers alike can use his instruction as an example of how exciting and crucial learning science can be. Dan earned a BA in History and Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University, and an MEd in Curriculum and Teaching from Boston University.

Jennifer Aponte – David A. Ellis Elementary School, Boston Public Schools

“My biggest concern is out most underserved population of students - Black and Hispanic boys. We owe them our best resources, programs and teachers.”

Jennifer Aponte is an eighth-year K1 Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) teacher at the David A. Ellis Elementary School in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Passionate about teaching young children, she believes in education as the ultimate equalizer. She regularly organizes and executes department-wide initiatives such as beginning the National Association for the Education of Young Children accreditation process. Jennifer served for two years as a member of the Ellis' School Site Council, making school-wide decisions regarding curriculum, teaching and learning, family and community engagement, and budgeting. Most recently, Jennifer participated in a focus group to modify and extend the district's K1 language and literacy curriculum. She is certified in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English as a Second Language, and Reading. Jennifer earned her BS in Elementary Education from Boston University and her MEd in Language and Literacy from Simmons College.

Gwendolin Bandi – John J. Doran School, Fall River Public Schools

“Mahatma Gandhi asked each of us to ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ The first step to changing a system is to understand the system and then we can formulate positions and collaborate with our colleagues to initiate the changes we wish to see in the world.”

Gwendolin Bandi is in her fourth year as an educator at the John J. Doran School in Fall River, Massachusetts, where she teaches math to all 4th grade students. Her passion for education began when she volunteered as an after-school tutor for Burundi refugee students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She wanted to continue her work with English language learners and in 2011 she joined Teach for America Massachusetts, receiving certification for English as a Second Language K-8 and Elementary Education. She spent three years at the Doran School teaching Level 3 and 4 English language learners. Gwendolin serves as a member of the math team at her school and develops intervention programs in order to reach all of her students. She is currently finishing her MEd from Boston University for Curriculum Development.

Julia Beaufait – Arthur D. Healey School, Somerville Public Schools

“I believe we have the kind of high-quality education envisioned in the Common Core that it cannot remain a privilege reserved for only some students; it is an absolute requirement for all students.”

Julia Beaufait teaches English as a Second Language to PreK through 2nd graders at the Healey School in Somerville. Prior to that, she led a turnaround school in Lawrence in the Development of a Newcomer and Structured English Immersion program. Julia has taught 3rd grade in a dual language program in Boston Public Schools and 4th grade in a Spanish bilingual program in San Francisco Unified. Throughout her teaching experience, she has pursued various teacher leadership and learning opportunities to help ensure teacher voice is central to school turnaround and reform efforts. She is passionate about interdisciplinary learning, authentic reading, and language acquisition. Julia earned her BA from The New School and is currently a candidate for National Board Certification in English as a New Language.

Brianne Brown – Eliot K-8 Innovation School, Boston Public Schools

“Every student deserves a great teacher - but to be truly great, teachers need support from effective systems and courageous school leaders.”

Brianne Brown is a 4th-5th grade teacher in her third year at the Eliot K-8 Innovation School in Boston’s North End, where she serves as a member of the school’s Instructional Leadership Team. She previously taught 3rd grade for four years at the John P. Holland School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. There, she helped develop a tiered system of literacy instruction using data to identify and immediately deliver targeted instruction to vulnerable readers. During that time, Brianne also worked on the Holland’s Turnaround Team and Instructional Leadership Team. Brianne came to teaching after working at the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she facilitated district-wide trainings and mentorships to make schools safer for LGBTQ students. Brianne earned her BA from Bryn Mawr College, and her MEd from the University of Massachusetts through the Boston Teacher Residency.

Jeffrey Cipriani – Orchard Gardens K-8, Boston Public Schools

“I believe that when school districts give teachers the autonomy and time to create curriculum together, students learn more and school achievement improves.”

Jeffrey Cipriani is a 2nd grade teacher at Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School in Boston Public Schools. Jeffrey transitioned from teaching high school after volunteering for one year at an after-school art program designed for primary school children in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Subsequent to that, he attended the Boston Teacher Residency, where he worked as a resident teacher at the Samuel W. Mason School in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In addition to his responsibilities as a teacher, Jeffrey is the K-2 literacy team facilitator, a facilitator of the Teacher Leader Cohort, and a Boston Teachers Union representative at Orchard Gardens. He holds a BS in Teaching English from New York University, and an MEd from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Rachael Conway – Mattahunt Elementary School, Boston Public Schools

“I believe that all children should be provided with a quality education that will afford them opportunities to be knowledgeable and successful in our ever-changing global economy, regardless of their zip code.”

Rachael Conway is a 3rd grade Teach Plus T3 Teacher Leader at the Mattahunt Elementary School in Boston, Massachusetts. In this role, Rachael teaches a 3rd grade class while also leading a team of teachers to improve instructional practice and accelerate students’ academic outcomes. Rachael works with fellow teacher leaders and administrators to analyze data and use results to drive instruction. Prior to joining Boston Public Schools, Rachael was a Lead Teacher at No-Excuses Charter School in New Bedford, Massachusetts and a 5th grade teacher at a distinguished Title 1 school in Georgia. Rachael has been nominated for several teaching honors including Massachusetts Teacher of the Year, South Coast Teacher of the Year, and the Sue Lehmann Award for excellence in teaching. Rachael earned her BBA from Georgia State University and her MEd from Boston University.

Carli Fleming – Salem Academy Charter School

“Standardized testing does not just require students to hold onto a plethora of skills taught throughout the school year, they require determination and persistence, two skills we as educators need to prioritize in our classrooms from day one.”

Carli Fleming is a Special Education teacher at Salem Academy Charter School in Salem, Massachusetts. There, she works with 7th and 8th graders on developing literacy skills and working towards mastering current Individualized Education Program goals. Carli began teaching at Salem Academy as a first year Corps Member in the 2011 Teach for America Greater Boston Corps. In addition to teaching, Carli coaches a science team, a Destination Imagination team, and is the faculty leader of the lower school student government. Carli is also the literacy specialist in a newly-formed data initiative team, where she help to interpret data collected from the Achievement Networks ELA interim assessments, and assists teachers with using it to plan for instruction. Carli holds an initial license in Special Education Moderate Disabilities grades 6-12 with a Sheltered English Immersion Licensure Endorsement. She earned her BS from Towson University in Maryland, and her MEd in Curriculum and Teaching from Boston University.

Hayden Frederick-Clarke – Charlestown High School, Boston Public Schools

“The face of the American public-school student has changed dramatically over the past four decades. American public schools themselves have not changed sufficiently to reflect or accommodate this demographic shift. The unsatisfactory outcomes of too many African-Americans, Latinos and the poor in our public schools is the evidence of this phenomenon.”

Hayden Frederick-Clarke is a seventh-year math teacher at Charlestown High School in the Diploma Plus program, which targets over-age, under-credited students. Hayden is a founding member of the program and has authored its mission to make anti-racist, anti-misogynist and social justice teaching the program’s hallmarks. His zealous belief in student empowerment and community building is reflected in his classroom structure which places students at the center, thrives on peer tutoring, and necessitates that students often work independent of him to prepare for the rigors of higher education. In addition to instructing students, Hayden leads professional development series on Competency-Based Grading and Educating Boys of the African Diaspora for staff at his school. He is also a member of the inaugural cohort of Boston Public Schools' Male Educators of Color (M.E.O.C.) action group. Hayden earned his BS in Economics from Northeastern University, and his MEd from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Daniel Hackett – Boston Latin Academy, Boston Public Schools

“I am passionate about changing the way my students think about their history education.”

Dan Hackett is a high school history teacher at Boston Latin Academy in the Boston Public Schools. He has taught English Literature, Humanities, and History in BPS for six years. Dan believes that empowering his students to think, read, and write like historians is not only a compelling way of studying the past, but useful for enabling them to solve the complex problems they face in their communities. Dan is committed to advocating for the importance of a history education and its increasing role in the twenty-first century curriculum. He holds a BA from Bowdoin College and an EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Molly Howard – Codman Academy Charter School

“Charter schools and neighborhood schools have a shared goal; let’s find ways of working together as partners to better serve all of our students.”

Molly Howard teaches 1st grade at Codman Academy Charter Public School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. After working for several years as a practicing environmental engineer, Molly decided that large scale environmental and societal change was only possible with an empathetic and well-informed citizen base. She entered the world of education to help grow a generation of passionate change makers. Molly joined the Capital Teaching Residency in Washington, D.C., where she was a founding teacher at Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School. Both Mundo Verde and Codman Academy are Expeditionary Learning schools. Molly deeply believes that children learn best when they are challenged to respond to authentic dilemmas in their community. Her first year in the classroom was profiled in Sam Chaltain’s book “Our School: Searching for Community in the Era of Choice.” Molly earned her BS in Environmental Engineering from Yale University and her MEM from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Amy Howland – Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School

“We are all stewards of the world and each of us, no matter our age or socio-economic status, has the power to improve the lives of others.”

Amy Howland has been teaching 9th grade World History and 11th grade AP U.S. History at the Academy of the Pacific Rim for seven years. Amy has also developed and teaches a 12th grade honors civics class focused on global issues and citizenship. Although a Massachusetts native, Amy came to the Academy from Seattle where she worked for one year at Renton High School. Through her work in diverse urban schools and her many travels abroad, she has developed a passion for teaching students to become critical and compassionate global citizens, equipped and inspired to create change in their communities. Amy is a Choices Teaching Fellow conducting workshops on deliberation using the Choices curriculum and is a Lead Teacher and workshop presenter for Primary Source in Watertown, Massachusetts. She received her BA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and her Master’s in Teaching from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Lindsey Hugo – Brooke Roslindale Charter School

“As a nation, we are aware of the reasons for high teacher turn-over in urban schools, but it is imperative that we start finding better solutions to deal with this issue. I believe great teaching year after year can, and will, close the achievement gap; thus, it is critical that we find a better way to retain highly effective teachers in order to give all children access to the quality education they deserve.”

Lindsey Hugo is an 8th grade English Language Arts and social studies teacher at Brooke Roslindale Charter School. Prior to teaching 8th grade, she taught 6th grade for two years at Brooke. She is a member of the Network Assessment Team, where she is responsible for the creation of the 6th grade E.L.A. Network Assessments. She serves as a mentor teacher through the Associate Teacher Program and facilitates the Discovering Justice program for middle school students at her school. Lindsey came to Brooke after having served as the English Department Chair at Bishop Connolly High School in Fall River, Massachusetts. She earned her BA in English from Holy Cross, and her MEd in Special Education from Providence College.

Natalie Khalatov-Krimnus – Revere High School, Revere Public Schools

“In recognition that teaching is a craft and not merely a job, I believe we need more genuine opportunities for meaningful mentorship and time to observe highly-successful teachers."

Natalie Khalatov-Krimnus is a high school special education teacher in a sub-separate classroom at Revere High School in Revere, Massachusetts. Previously, Natalie worked as a disability attorney and a legislative assistant for a member of Congress. She was a 2012 Teach for America Corps Member at Revere High School, and is certified in Mild to Moderate Disabilities 5-12, as well as Secondary English and History. Natalie has served as a member of the School-wide Improvement Team, and helped facilitate professional development around Revere High School's school-wide flipped-learning initiative. She has also served as an attorney-coach for Revere's new Mock Trial Team. Natalie earned her BA from Binghamton University, her JD from Hofstra University, and her MEd from Boston University.

Colleen Labbe – Lee Academy Pilot School, Boston Public Schools

“I believe that school reform cannot succeed unless it focuses on creating the conditions under which teachers can teach and teach well.”

Colleen Labbe is a kindergarten (K2) teacher in an inclusive classroom at the Lee Academy Pilot School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Prior to that, she taught kindergarten in a dual language program at the Dever-McCormack K-8 School. Her licenses include Early Childhood, PreK-2, English as a Second Language and Moderate Disabilities, and K-8. Colleen and two of her colleagues were awarded a Boston Teachers Union’s Professional Learning Grant to present effective strategies on how to create safe and supportive classrooms for all learners. She earned a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and is currently a student there in the Master of Education Program: Moderate Disabilities (K-8).

Wing Leung – Boston Latin School, Boston Public Schools

“I would like to see education policies written by educators for the sake of children and not by politicians for the sake of politicking.”

Wing Leung has been teaching for over eleven years, beginning her career as a one-on-one aide in an elementary inclusion classroom. Wing is certified in Elementary Education, Middle School Mathematics, and High School Mathematics, and currently teaches 10th grade geometry at her alma mater, Boston Latin School. Within the classroom, Wing encourages her students to be thoughtful and inquisitive while challenging them with a highly rigorous curriculum. Wing is a member of the Instructor-led training program, which allows her to affect change that has direct student learning outcomes, and is the faculty advisor for the BLS Math Team, which has participated in the Massachusetts invitational or the New England invitational competitions every year of her tenure with the team. Wing earned her BS from Boston University, and her ALM from Harvard Extension School.

Bernadine Lormilus – Channing Elementary School, Boston Public Schools

“I believe that with the right resources, tools and teacher preparation, all children can gain access to the content for their grade level. One of the changes I would like to see in the teaching profession is for classrooms to be resourceful and for teachers to continue to receive quality professional development relevant to the areas where they need improvement.”

Bernadine Lormilus teaches 5th grade at the Channing Elementary School in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. Prior to that, she was an English Language Learners and 2nd grade teacher at the John F. Kennedy School in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. While there, Bernadine analyzed data and implemented intervention strategies to support the reading skills of her students. She has over seven years of experience teaching in private, suburban and urban school districts. Bernadine completed the Boston Teacher Union Fellow Program, where she worked alongside a cohort of teachers from across the district and presented an action research project entitled “Cultural Responsive Teaching and Learning for All Students.” Bernadine earned a BA in English from Regis College, and an MS in Urban Education from Wheelock College.

Farida Mama – UP Academy Dorchester, Boston Public Schools

"I believe that in order to close the achievement gap, we cannot teach in a vacuum. We must address societies’ larger issues and empower our students to lead change."

Farida Mama is the founding 5th grade mathematics teacher at UP Academy Dorchester. She was a 2011 Massachusetts TFA Corps Member and began her career teaching at the Lilla G. Frederick Middle School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Farida is committed to creating a rigorous and joyful classroom environment in which students engage in high level mathematical discourse. She holds a dual certification in English as a Second language and Grade 1-6 Mathematics. Farida has worked as a Teach for America Corps Member Advisor and is a recipient of the Sontag Prize in Urban Education. She earned her BA from the University of Connecticut, and her MEd from Boston University.

Colleen Mason – Lee Academy Pilot School, Boston Public Schools

“I believe a year with an ineffective teacher is not a luxury our students in high need districts can afford. We need to ensure that the licensure requirements and the evaluation system are recruiting and retaining only the most qualified teachers.”

Colleen Mason is a K0/K1 inclusion teacher at the Lee Academy Pilot School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Colleen serves as the K0/K1 team leader and secretary of the Lee Academy Governing Board, and is the Boston Teachers Union representative for her school. She has also served on the hiring committee and has led her team in the usage of data inquiry cycles to ensure they continue to provide high quality instruction based on children’s needs. She is passionate about providing a rigorous and creative learning environment for her students, while also working alongside administration to ensure that the entire school is moving forward. Colleen earned a BS in Psychology with a minor in Elementary Education from Northeastern University in Psychology, and an MA in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College (Students With/Without Disabilities.)

Lindsey Mayer – Garfield Middle School, Revere Public Schools

“With a commitment to ongoing professional development and support, all educators can and should have a deep impact on the learning and lives of their English language learners.”

Lindsey Mayer is a 6th-8th grade English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at the Garfield Middle School in Revere, Massachusetts. Lindsey came to the classroom in 2009 as a Teach for America corps member, where she developed a passion for working with students learning English. She serves on the Garfield Middle School’s Instructional Leadership Team and is a professional learning group facilitator, designing and implementing professional development sessions to support colleagues in their work with English language learners. As a Teach for America alum, Lindsey delivers professional development and workshops designed to equip current corps members with knowledge and skills to meet the needs of English learners. In spring 2014, Lindsey presented on “Scaffolding Academic Writing for Beginning English Language Learners” at the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Convention in Portland, Oregon. Lindsey earned her BA in Political Science and Global Studies from Arizona State University, and her MEd from Boston University.

Heather McCarthy – William A. Berkowitz Elementary School, Chelsea Public Schools

“I believe that in order to navigate today's world, one must be educated and literate. My goal is to provide individuals with the opportunities to become literate and educated so they not just exist, but thrive in today's world.”

Heather McCarthy in an inclusion teacher in a 3rd grade classroom. She previously served for three years as a Reading Specialist at Prospect Hill Academy Charter School. The first person in her family to graduate from college, Heather understands the power of education and how literacy goes far beyond the ability to read a book. Heather serves on the Instructional Framework Committee at Berkowitz and is a Committee Chair on the board of the Massachusetts Reading Association. She received the Sontag Prize in Urban Education in 2013 and 2014, which allowed her to teach in the Acceleration Academy in Lawrence Public Schools. Heather earned her Bachelor of Science in Speech from Emerson College in Boston, MA, and her Masters of Education in both Elementary Education and Literacy Education from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.

Lisa Nguyen – Thomas J. Kenny Elementary School, Boston Public Schools

“As social human beings, we learn through listening and speaking about what we learn not by filling out a Scantron test. As educators, I believe it’s our responsibility to put an emphasis on oral respectful classroom discourse to facilitate all students’ progression of learning.”

Lisa Nguyen is a 5th grade teacher in a hybrid, self-contained Structured English Immersion classroom at the Thomas J. Kenny Elementary School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Lisa has led the Math Leadership Team for the past four years and has worked with the Technical Education Research Center in their Routines Project to support students in making general claims about operations and algebraic properties. Lisa contributed to the book “Count Me”, in which she shared her strategies for including English Language Learners within the math classroom. In 2013, she had the opportunity to share these strategies at the Network Communicate Support Motivate Conference. Lisa is a Nationally Board Certified teacher. She earned her Bachelors of Arts and her Masters in Education from the University of California, San Diego.

Ivana Perez-Redondo – Excel High School, Boston Public Schools

“I am interested in the intersection of educational equity and school structure and climate--more specifically, finding ways to develop positive environments that are conducive to learning and that support even our highest-need students.”

Ivana Perez-Redondo teaches history to newcomer English Language Learners at Excel High School in South Boston. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ivana developed a passion for education during college, after volunteering as a literacy tutor at a Sheltered English Immersion classroom in Boston. She strongly believes that education is the best way to inspire and empower children, especially those with the highest needs. Ivana has served as the Boston Teachers Union representative for Excel's School Site Council, a decision-making body that is responsible for duties such as the selection of new teachers. She is the data inquiry facilitator for Excel's history department, supporting her school's efforts to use data to drive instruction. She is the advisor for buildOn, a student club devoted to local and international community service. Ivana began her teaching career as a 2012 Teach for America corps member. She holds a BA in Sociology and Psychology from Boston College, and an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction in ESL from Boston University.

Marjorie Pita – Rafael Hernández School, Boston Public Schools

“Bilingual education can transform how one looks at the world and evaluates its human events.”

Marjorie Pita is a Spanish-Humanities middle school teacher in the dual language program at the Rafael Hernández School in Roxbury, Massachusetts. She became passionate about education in Panama in 2000, where she first taught Italian to kindergartners at the Enrico Fermi Institute, the same school where she completed her high school education. Since then, Marjorie has taught in multiple settings to a variety of students, including teaching English to immigrants, and has facilitated a federally funded program to educate adolescents about STDs and safe-sex practices. Marjorie’s goal is to be one of the voices of change and improvement in our education system advocating for policies that will better serve all students. Marjorie earned her BS in Psychology and her MA in Clinical Psychology from Panama University.

Kalimah Rahim – New Mission High School, Boston Public Schools

“As a teacher and global citizen committed to working in an urban setting, I understand the importance of cultural competency and global literacy. I know first-hand that developing knowledge of only the here and now without developing the skills of critical thinking and problem solving, can and will only widen the achievement chasm and perpetuate poverty; therefore, ‘each one teach one’ is only empty rhetoric if one cannot affect change in the ones they wish to teach.”

Kalimah Rahim teaches English at New Mission High School in Hyde Park. She previously worked for three years at the Boston Plan for Excellence. There she was trained in data-driven instructional coaching and worked with BPS Middle School ELA teachers, headmasters and school teams to increase student performance and develop grade-level benchmarks. For the past five years, she has provided accessible measurable teaching strategies that have resulted in qualifying scores for 11th grade AP Language and Composition students, and for 10th grade students taking the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System. In 2012, Kalimah’s school was awarded the EdVestors $100K Thomas W. Payzant School on the Move Prize, a grant she has helped to write. Kalimah earned her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art, an MEd from Wheelock College, and is currently completing an MA in English Literature from UMASS Boston.

Aaron Stone – Boston Day and Evening Academy, Boston Public Schools

“Leadership is creating an opportunity, both for self and others, to employ the practice of listening to others with an open hand, with the willingness to have their perspective changed.”

Aaron Stone began his career teaching 8th grade biology at Community Charter School of Cambridge. At the same time, he honored his commitment to service by joining the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. In 2009, Aaron joined Boston Day and Evening Academy, a school that re-engages students who are off-track in their education. Aaron has been a Boston Teachers Union Representative, and a member of the school’s Election to Work Committee, Instructional Leadership Team, Administrative Leadership Team, and BPS cross-functional team researching district-wide autonomy. These experiences have allowed him to utilize a broadened perspective and deeper understanding of leadership, equity, and student and staff voice. He earned his BS in Biology and MEd from the University of New Hampshire, and his Principal Licensure from Northeastern University in partnership with the Center for Collaborative Education.

Brittany Vetter – Excel Academy Charter School, Chelsea

"I would like to see our rhetoric on school reform focus more on our common goals and increasing opportunities for meaningful collaboration to benefit our students, families, and communities."

Brittany Vetter is a 6th grade English teacher at Excel Academy in Chelsea, Massachusetts. She began her teaching career as a 4th grade teacher in a bilingual classroom in Denver, Colorado. Recognizing her passion for literacy, she transitioned into a role as a 6th grade reading teacher and eventually became her school’s Data and Intervention Specialist, tasked with ensuring that every student received the necessary support to make strong progress. Brittany spent three summers working with the Denver Teaching Fellows program, preparing new teachers to effectively serve their students. At Excel Academy, she serves as a Grade Level Chair, leading her team in maintaining a rigorous and joyful school culture, while supporting each individual student on his/her trajectory. Brittany earned her BA from Goucher College, and her MA in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Colorado Denver.