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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be a current teacher in one of the partner districts to become a T3 Teacher Leader?

No, you do not have to be a current Boston Public Schools (BPS), Holyoke Public Schools (HPS) or Fall River Public Schools (FRPS) teacher to apply to become a T3 Teacher Leader. You must have at least 3 years of experience in a high poverty school or high-needs subject area by the end of the current school year, and you must be eligible to work for the district to which you are applying. You are responsible for completing all paperwork required to be employed by the T3 partner district where you would like to teach, if you are not currently teaching in that district. This paperwork includes beginning the process by applying for the appropriate license and registering for the licensing exam in advance of your interview, if necessary.

Can teachers currently working in schools where T3 will be implemented apply to be part of the T3 team?

Yes, effective and experienced teachers currently working in the identified schools are encouraged to apply to become part of the T3 team. We expect that a school’s T3 team will be made up of both existing teachers from that school and experienced teachers who are new to that building.

Are T3 teacher leaders district employees?

Yes, T3 teacher leaders are full-time district employees, with all the same benefits and rights.

Who actually hires T3 Teacher Leaders?

Both Teach Plus and school staff are part of the team that reviews T3 applications. The principals of T3 partner schools make the final hiring decisions.

Additional Time

How long is the work year? Is that only for T3 Teacher Leaders?

T3 Teacher Leaders work the same length school year as other teachers in their district.  However, they attend a multi-day summer institute training before the school year begins, which is scheduled to not conflict with existing district professional development.  Teacher Leaders also work additional hours throughout the school year, including after school meetings and professional development sessions.  This adds up to the time equivalent of 25 additional days.  T3 Teacher Leaders are compensated for this additional time.

What do T3 Teachers Leaders do during the additional time?

Working extra time over the summer and throughout the year allows T3 Teacher Leaders to serve in leadership roles. It includes a 3-4 day Summer Institute, a National Conference, planning for team meetings, facilitating team meetings, and meeting as a T3 team both within and across schools.

T3 Team

What schools do T3 Teacher Leaders currently work in? Do you apply for a specific school or position?

In 2014-15, Boston T3 Teacher Leaders will work at the William E. Channing Elementary School, Sarah Greenwood School, Mattahunt Elementary school, Umana Academy, and the John Winthrop Elementary School.  Fall River T3 Teacher Leaders will work at Viveiros Elementary School.  Holyoke T3 Teacher Leaders will work at Dean Technical High School.

Applicants are usually matched to a specific school and available position during the T3 selection process.  In some cases, T3 applicants already work in or have independently applied for a teaching position in a partner school.  In either case, the principals of T3 partner schools make final hiring decisions.  During the application process, all T3 applicants will identify the partner schools for which they would like to be considered.

What grade levels and subjects do T3 Teacher Leaders teach?

Currently, T3 Teacher Leaders teach all grade levels and subjects from Pre-K to 8th grade, including Special Education and Sheltered English Immersion.   As we expand to high schools, T3 Teacher Leaders will work across the grade and subject span.

How many T3 Teacher Leaders are in each partner school?

T3 Teacher Leaders comprise 20-25% of the staff in each of the partner schools where T3 has been implemented.

What are the benefits of becoming a T3 Teacher Leader?

T3 Teacher Leaders earn a pay differential and serve in leadership roles without having to leave the classroom. They work together with a cohort of like-minded teachers to significantly raise student achievement in schools where students need effective teachers the most. They receive support and training in topics related to the unique challenges of improving the student outcomes and culture in a low-performing school. They have the guidance of strong, supportive principals who value teacher leaders.

What is the pay differential for T3 Teacher Leaders?

T3 Teacher Leaders receive a stipend for the additional time that they work beyond the usual number of school days and for the additional responsibilities they take on. In Boston, that stipend for Level 4 schools is $6000 and in Fall River, the stipend amount is $6000 as well. T3 Teacher Leaders at Dean Technical High School will receive a signing bonus in additional to a stipend.  The amount will be announced in the coming weeks. Teachers new to the district will be placed on that district's salary scale based on their experience and the criteria specified.

What kind of leadership roles can I play in the school?

The leadership roles that T3 Teacher Leaders play are based on their own skills and experience and also on the school needs, strategies, and goals. Principals will determine the specific roles at each school.

Support and Training

Is there an orientation for T3 Teacher Leaders?

All T3 Teacher Leaders participate in an intensive 3-4 day summer institute before the start of school. That time prepares the T3 team to assume leadership roles while working with the principal and other teachers. Training includes but is not limited to: analyzing turnaround models from other districts and states, team building, data analysis training, data review and planning, and working with the principals to implement different elements of the school’s strategic plan.  Summer Institute for Boston and Fall River Teacher Leaders is August 12-14.  Summer Institute for Holyoke Teacher Leaders is August 5-7 in Washington, DC.

What kind of support and training do T3 Teacher Leaders receive?

In addition to the intensive summer institute, T3 Teacher Leaders receive ongoing support from both Teach Plus and the partner districts throughout the school year to support their success in the leadership roles they assume. Each school has a staff member (the T3 coach) whose role is to support the T3 Teacher Leaders through leadership training and coaching. That staff member leads frequent meetings with T3 Teacher Leaders in their building and attends T3 team meetings to provide support and feedback. Teacher Leaders also attend a yearly National Conference, dedicated to building the network of teacher leaders from across the country.

What types of leadership roles do T3 Teacher Leaders have in a school?

To see an example of T3 Teacher Leaders roles in a building, please click here.