Common Core Collaborative

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MTA Core Collaborative: Teacher Leader Facilitator
Role Description 

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is partnering with Teach Plus to launch the MTA Core Collaborative – a high-quality ongoing professional development experience led by teacher leaders with expertise in the Common Core.  As an MTA Core Collaborative Facilitator, you will lead a group of 5-10 MTA teachers from local districts through the process of implementing the Common Core in their classrooms over the course of a semester. In addition, Facilitators will be designated as adjunct professors from Endicott College.

We are excited to launch the application process for selection of teacher leaders to serve as Facilitators, and lead a growing program demonstrating the power of teacher leadership in professional development and the Common Core. Facilitators will continue to be full-time educators in their schools while additionally committing to this professional learning role. Facilitators will be compensated for their work over the course of the spring semester (February 25 - May 6) with a $1,500 stipend.

Serving as a Facilitator will involve a significant time commitment over the next semester.  The following dates are required for all educators selected as Facilitators:

  • 2/25/14 – Facilitator Training Session; 4:30- 7:30 pm
  • 3/4/14  – Facilitator Planning Session; 4:30-7:30 pm

Sessions will take place from 4:30-7:30 pm on Tuesday evenings at two locations: Cambridge Rindge and Latin and a second site South of Boston. (Specific dates to be determined) 

In addition, Facilitators should be comfortable committing to:

  • Independent and small-team work time preparing to facilitate cohort sessions
  • Ongoing communication with other Facilitators and with cohort teachers throughout the semester via email, wiki, blog, etc.


We are seeking applicants who have been classroom teachers of record for a minimum of three years.  Specifically, we look to select educators who are:

  • Members of the Massachusetts Teachers Association
  • Are current teachers of record in Massachusetts
  • Can show evidence of student academic growth in their discipline
  • Have expertise in the Common Core State Standards in their discipline
  • Are instructional experts in their grade level/content area and in developing curriculum
  • Are strong communicators in individual and group settings
  • Display effective personal organizational skills
  • Have successfully led and facilitated adult learning teams
  • Believe in the mission of educational improvement for all schools and high expectations for all students
  • Have a Master’s degree


Teach Plus will train Facilitators in leading effective professional development for adult learners. Facilitators will plan the syllabus and individual sessions of the course that will take place during the spring semester. A sample syllabus and Facilitator toolkit will be provided.

Prior to the beginning of the cohort sessions, Facilitators will collaborate with one another to do the following:

  • Participate in training and discussions related to facilitating effective professional development to adult learners
  • Review, analyze and discuss Common Core State Standards with fellow Facilitators and determine additional resources related to the CCSS, Backwards Design, discussion protocols and skillful team facilitation
  • Plan individual sessions related to the Common Core/grade level/content area


Once the cohort sessions have begun, Facilitators will:

  • Facilitate five 3-hour professional development sessions for a cohort of 5-10 teachers
  • Co-develop products including, but not limited to the following: alignment of Common Core Standards with MA content standards, creation and analysis of units/lesson plans aligned to CCSS (using Backwards Design), critique/analysis of video or lesson plans related to CCSS; creation of CCSS-aligned assessments; analysis of student work samples
  • Work independently and meet with other Facilitators to discuss, plan, and revise cohort sessions based on feedback



The application includes written responses to a series of questions, and, for applicants who progress past the first round, a performance task and personal interview. The application deadline is January 20th.