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Boston Educators Collaborative

A partnership between the Boston Compact and Teach Plus

You are invited to join a dynamic group of teachers through the Boston Educators Collaborative – a set of free teacher-led professional learning courses that connect you with fellow teachers. Share strategies and refine your instructional practice over five sessions. The Boston Educators Collaborative was founded on the premise that empowering exceptional teachers -- from district, charter and Catholic schools in Boston -- and leveraging their content expertise, is integral to ensuring excellent instruction for all students.

Join a professional learning collaborative around one of the following best practice areas:

  • Reaching All Learners
  • Rigorous Curricula with Rich Content
  • Culturally Proficient Strategies

What is the Boston Educators Collaborative?

  • Through the Collaborative, selected teachers will lead five-week, 15-hour university courses on key topics that ensure instruction reaches all learners, provides rigorous curricula and is culturally proficient. These courses will promote teacher leadership and help foster the collaboration across all three sectors—district, charter and Catholic schools—and bring the skills back to the students in classrooms across the city. 
  • Five three-hour sessions beginning after April break.  Dinner is provided.
  • Content/grade level-specific support in disseminating best practices

Why participate? 

  • Immediate Impact: Sessions include hands-on strategies for you to participate in. At the end of the course, you will have lesson plan ideas, and/or strategies that you can use immediately in your classroom. 
  • Collaboration: Boston Educators Collaborative is teacher-created and teacher-facilitated.  Collaborate with highly-motivated teachers to elevate the day-to day work in your classroom.  
  • Delivered by Experts: Teacher Leaders will share what has revolutionized their classroom practice. It is entirely teacher driven and led by someone who understands your experience. 

Join the Boston Educators Collaborative Now
Boston Educators Collaborative (BEC) courses will be held at the Curley K-8 School, Mission Grammar School, and Codman Academy Dorchester.

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